Our studio is a place of a focused state. You can find here the order, harmony and you can build your interiors in a unique atmosphere. We can help, we have the knowledge and experience. Our studio is completely equipped in probe packets, catalogues, templates and the other materials which give the comfort of work.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

Here we create the concepts, work on details so the final coherent project can be born. Our studio changes its location, but it is based on a special team of people. People with knowledge, energy and passion to create unique interiors. We want to focus on your needs and answer on them. Work on compromise, find solutions, build space for your life.

Today, next to our studio, you can also find a small gallery SEVENTEEN. We introduce there the collection of paintings by Katarzyna Zygadlewicz, photographs by Szymon Brodziak and Maciej Mańkowski and the art of young artists. This is a priceless place for us as it informs about the importance of art for a human being. It shows how crucial is a role of art in our interiors.