I am aware that I am here just for a while

There are many places on Earth where my profession does not exist and there are many people who do not need the service of an interior designer. But in the realities of the world and the culture in which I was formed, I see a lot of sense for my actions. People need well-thought-out projects and good, consciously selected solutions. Today, perhaps as never before, they need common sense, modesty, wise and correct choices. I am convinced that the way we shape and celebrate our everyday life depends on what the space we live in looks like.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

"About life, or the need to minimize"

This book sums up 25 years of my experience and observations as an interior designer. It contains half a century of building relationships with other people, nature and myself. It is about joy as well as sadness from creating the most important space for a human being, which is home. It is a story about the work of an interior designer, the importance of this profession, its nuances, dark and light sides and related passions.

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