Working process

Our studio is at your disposal in a wide range of service, at every step of the design process. We offer 12 areas. Starting from designing, including logistics and controlling. We invite you to learn about our offer.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva


Needs analysis

Getting to know your needs, preferred aesthetics and solutions are the most important at the beginning of the process. We carefully analyse the designed or existing structure and architectonical space in terms of function, equipment, scale and ergonomics.



Stock-taking is one of the most important stages of the design process. We can obtain the precise dimensions, which are the basis for implementing the projects.


Aesthetics scheme

Discussion aimed to obtain the specific knowledge about preferred aesthetics, colours and equipment. We show the possible ways and dependencies between recommended solutions. It is a stage of a “brain storm” aimed to get to know your needs on a higher level.


The concept of the interior design

We focus on decisions. We work on projects of interior design, floor, lightening. We chose from the hundreds of possibilities. We suggest the ones that fit their functions, materials, colours and your budget.



On the base of the choices made at the previous conceptual stage: colours, equipment, lightening, we create 3D model and work on visualizations of the selected rooms. The aim is to show you the developed vision.


Detailed conception design

Decisions times, after conceptions and visualizations. Final decisions are not only about aesthetics and function. It is also about budget and costs optimization. We are your partner, not only about the vision, but also about the time and finance.


A set of price lists and cost estimation

On a basis of detailed concept project, a set of price lists is created. We often prepare for you a few alternative versions. The cost estimation is created then. We make final decisions about implementation of the executive project.


Contractors and suppliers

After the years of experience and knowledge, we can be your partner while selecting contractors companies, signing agreements, verification of costs and technology selection.


Executive documentation package

This is essentially the most important part of our work, after a conception project. The interior is created due to that. It is a formula of communicating the developed vision into construction ground, building teams work, electricians, fitters, carpenters, equipment suppliers.


Realization and supervision

Another key step is an implementation itself. In order to proceed it as planned, we need to take care of the author supervision. It is about controlling and monitoring of the contractors in terms of work accordance with the documentation and quality.


Coordination of work

We cooperate with trustful contractors. The work coordinator often appears at the building site. Every component of the realization needs to be accepted on your behalf. It is an additional option, but recommended for large implementations and complex technologies.



The acceptance of each stage of work is a key element while the whole process of implementation. Quality, precision, used materials, detail care, a way of operating, time and work tidiness are the elements under control.



Every realization comes to the end one day. It is our target. We care about finalizing the investment as soon as possible and in accordance with the technology. That is why we offer such a wide range of service. The priceless moment is the end of realization of the project.


Additional options

We are also experienced while implementing special projects like swimming-pools, saunas, hi-fi rooms, home cinemas. We relay on technologies suggested by our suppliers, but taking care about aesthetics of the interiors and details.


Public interiors

Private interiors, apartments, houses and residences are our main domain. In addition, we also deal with public interiors. We create public spaces with our knowledge and the highest technical standards. In some situations we cooperate with laboratories and industry specialists, health and safety specialists, fire protection, SANEPID. We are able to coordinate the work of all the sectors, cooperating with general contractors.


Man, synergy, emotions, professionalism. Adam Pulwicki and his PULVA Studio. There is nothing more an investor needs while looking for a professional who can design a place where you want to feel yourself.

Krzysztof Dutkiewicz / Warzelnia

Adam is a visionary. His designing works last in time. It is a rare feature, unique indeed. Adam is an icon among interior designers. We had a pleasure to work with him at 3 investments. His quality and aesthetics are the best on the market.

Sławomir Paruch

The choice of PULVA Studio was not accidental. Acquainting with its earlier implementations, we knew that it was our aesthetics. Adam charmed us with his professionalism and unique ability to listen to our needs already when we met for the first time. And there was no difference on the next levels of our relationship. Every meeting is carefully prepared, every detailed polished. As a result, a unique interior was created. It gives us a sense of harmony and it is a perfect backdrop for our life.

Paulina i Wojtek / Poznań

Experience and wide knowledge about designing are the advantages. Expert advice, passion of creation and efficient service influence positively the level of the customer’s satisfaction. Highly good manners and nice disposition of Adam are the foundation of our good relations. We recommend PULVA Studio as a reliable and trustworthy partner for every investor with fully responsibility. PULVA Studio is reliable in terms of long-term cooperation, employee involvement, professionalism, creativity, attention to detail and flexible approach toward the client.

Monika i Adam Rączyńscy / Poznań

I truly recommend Adam Pulwicki with all my heart. I am a very active person in terms of my proficiency, having no time for anything. The project was prepared for me with many of its modifications. My hesitations, dilemmas and constant changes were patiently tolerated with highly kindness, tact and understanding. I received an offer of all the products from many different suppliers, always with the best price fought for me and quality. The whole process starting from the project, all the help with making decisions about particular interior elements, sending offers, ordering and payments, watching the contractors, quality control, price verification, a few visits a day in the apartment – everything was done with a smile, tact, understanding and an element of humanity and friendship. They are just good, honest, tactful, patient people of highly class. They met my needs completely with a sense of style, sophistication and designing at the World level,. I imagined they were far above my financial reach, nothing more wrong.

Maja Kucharska / City Park