Natural brushed oak, rein and silence

The unique location and architecture – Warzelnia. The unique investor – Krzysztof. Determined and confident from one side, from the other side respecting our work and fond of aesthetics preferred by us. He has always been associated with sport, so the crossbeam was set high. “Ada, it should to be a special place and I want to trust you because I know you will do it the best possible way.”

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

As a very first step we focused on specific decisions. On the ground floor we destroyed all the walls, we proposed a new space arrangement and stairs conception, which was completely different from the developer assumptions. Our idea hit perfectly the expectations of the investor, so we could stay focused on the colours and materials choice nuances.

In Krzysztof’s apartment the specific decisions appeared. Ground floor walls were covered by natural oak panels. Inside this cube there were hidden basic functions of the toilet and mini laundry place. High kitchen cabinets set was built inside as well. There was a minimalist resin on the floor. The kitchen island obtained an additional space by its reflection in the mirror wall. The interior was completed by a light race stairs fastened by a balustrade inspired by the music values. The apartment is completed by Szymon Brodziak photography and Katarzyna Zygadlewicz paintings. “When I am at work I think what I can do to get home earlier, I just love it“. Do we need more?