Created emotionally with correlation with nature

The uniqueness of the place, energy and a potential of the investors, scale and time. Priceless factors. Straight from the living room, bedroom and the swimming pool we can see a beautiful lake. We are surrounded by the forest and the harmony of nature. Incredible aesthetics, colours variability in time and our response in the interiors. Silence, natural colours, noble materials, intentional forms.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

Having so special space to our disposal, our project went through many stages. The most important stage was the conception and finding the philosophy to this place. The answer to the needs of the investors, having in mind the place and its scale. Proportions and colours palette were the most important here.

This house is not only about emotions, it is about technology, work quality control, suppliers and contractors verification. While implementing the project, there was a staff of the companies demanding detailed technical documentation, as well as support while making final decisions and time control.