White Hall

This sophisticated interior was founded in a historical White Hall in Szczawno Zdrój. It was built in 1839-1842, according to the project of the architect Joseph Rabbe. Cultural and social life used to flourish there. It was a place of many concerts, meetings and lectures. White Hall was visited by important personalities including Princess Daisy Hochberg Von Pless and Henryk Wieniawski.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

It is 2014, our studio has entered into discussion with a historical tissue of that place. We respected every detail, stucco, windows as if the time had stopped. But because the time runs all the time, we introduced contemporary furniture Porro designed by Piero Lissoni and hidden lightening Viabizzuno, that illuminates this space with a necessary respect.

We felt the spirit of those times, concerts and meetings, Wieniawski. The 18th century paintings appeared. The spacious café contrasts with the white of the most important restaurant in the neighbourhood. Elegance, minimalism, sophisticated historical details. It is an amazing feeling to continue and create a history.