Interior designer

It is a huge privilege to cultivate the designers occupation. I have a chance to meet amazing people and create the most important space for them, interiors they live and work in. Apartments, houses, residencies, offices, cabinets. I approach this with great energy, respect and understanding. Our work is a life, a man, our weaknesses, ups and downs. In our work we deal with positive emotions, sometimes problems, there are deadlines, budgets, contractors, suppliers. In spite of these, here is one aim, to create a remarkable space for a better life. Life to find time for passion, create sensitivity to beauty, to be a better person. Ask me, have I ever felt tired. I will answer honestly: never! What appears sometimes is called rather malaise. Because we compose our space with consciousness, writing score, writing notes and expecting someone to perform them perfectly. We compose the tunes for as the best concert halls and strive for perfection. The vision concerns colours, space and lights. Concept design is about all the smallest details. Just like in music, it should delight and last. In order to do so, we need to have an orchestra composted of the eminent musicians – performers and receivers – a listener who wants to trust us. If you like aesthetics we cultivate, we guarantee we can compose your interiors to impress you and to be important part of your life.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva