Polish Dance Theatre

Ballet is one of the most important connection space for art, music, dance, scenography. The origin of the ballet is dated 1581 and still continues to progress. It is reserved only for the few. It is similar to interior designing in some aspects. The dancer needs to have many qualities: talent, diligence, sensitivity and delicacy, strength, precision and determination. We like listening to the music and create choreography for as the best theatres in the world. We work in a way our designs can stand the test of time. Designs that will delight you and give daily positive energy. Dance is like a life, it requires sacrifices and compromises. It wants to be perfect, although we are not perfect. It gives the sense of immortality, stops the time and takes us in the other better World. Knowing the secrets of ballet, showed us how close the dance is to what we want to create in PULVA Studio.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

Polish Dance Theatre has existed since 1973 and is a professional stand-alone unit, whose face over the evolution of performances shaped form of theatre, ballet to modern genre. Dance thetre - characterized by crossing borders generic, technical and stylistic, triggering the associated traditional means of expression tends toward interdisciplinary, searching for new theatre spaces and based on creative improvisation process.