Future... 8848

It is 1953, Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb this peak. In 1978 Wanda Rutkiewicz won it as a first Polish and European woman. In 1980, the Polish expedition made the first winter ascent : Leszek Cichy, Krzysztof Wielicki i Andrzej Zawada. 26 Poles stood on that peak, in 2015 Everest did not allow anyone to do so. Struggling, weaknesses, overcoming barriers. High mountains teach humility. They demand considerable preparation and self-work. Climbing the mountain is a certain way, similar to the project implementation, in some metaphorical sense. We set a goal. If we have determination, good advisers and guides, we can reach it. As in any other field, you can try to act on your own, but the amount of time and risk are huge. We want to be the guides to reach the highest and the most important interior peaks.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva