Mr. Przemysław

It is May 2008, we enter a classic terraced house in Poznan Piątkowo. Aesthetic drama, huge amount of little rooms, curtain, buffet…. One year is gone. It is September 2009 and the space is completely transformed – cleanliness and extravagance.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

We are interiors. You and we. Our moods, changeability, tastes and trends. Influence of the environment, other people, travel, kids. Life is a season, the passing time. That is why we create the interiors which stay and give the space for development.

This is the investor of different passions. This unique interior would not be created without them. His determination, persistence, talent and strength were the great motivation for our action. We developed a number of not standard solutions to build this one house in a million. Not everybody has such power!