Puristic aestheticism

100 square meters of whiteness and minimalism. In this apartment a man obtains a status of some suspension. There are total silence, excellent proportions and clear lines. The functions are limited to the minimum of the needs. The proposed solutions and products are a guarantee of aesthetic quality. The puristic aestheticism.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

Maja, the owner of this apartment, is one of the most prominent dentists in Poznan. She dreamed of such aesthetics, she loves minimalism, white, black colours and high quality design. We obtained a shocking pristine beauty effect of white and black based forms, as a result of the demands of the investor and the actions of our office.

We managed to open the space additionally in a few places of this apartment. There are Porro doors which open the rooms to their total height. There are mirror surfaces which create a magic of a double space. Opening the bedroom into the living room gives additional light to this interior. Porro, Kreon, Living Divani, Cea, Zucchetti, Ivano Redaelli, Zajc are our favourite brands which created this sophisticated place.