Navy blue, the Polish sky greyness, walnuts

Extraordinary space based on clear division, proportions and explicit architectonics decisions. Minimalistic, because limited to basic functions. Etheric, because based on sophisticated colour palette and high quality materials.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

Interior diving in a greyish blue of the Polish sky and a depth of the sea water. Spiced with a natural walnut wood and pure blackness. It surprises with its purity and it comes directly from the need of the investor.

Art is an important element. Minimalistic photos of Igor Omulecki complement the space. They take us into the World of raw and non-compromised beauty of nature. They give the feeling of tranquillity and calm down our emotions. This interior has its own space and gives the impression of isolation from the surrounding World. It gives tranquillity and a sense of happiness.