Quadrant house

A house created from scratch by our studio. Created in synergy with Robert Konieczny and his office from Katowice KWK Promes. The vision of the house created together with the investor was the basis for the architect's guidelines. Designing took us over a year and only after the architectural and interior design was closed, investors decided to start construction. A key point is the movable terrace that follows the sun during the day. Nature, silence and harmony were one of the most important determinants for the interior and color scheme.
Photos: Joel Hauck

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

The interiors are all about cleanliness of forms, space, minimal amount of messages and focus on detail. None of the forms are accidental. Very calm and natural colors function in correlation with the surrounding garden. The relationship with nature is an extraordinary value that builds the interior climate, depending on the time of day, weather or seasons.

The house consciously has three color gradations. The extremely bright ground floor and living area build their contrast with the dark garage and expressive spa space, then smoothly go into a warmer private zone on the first floor. Expressive colors appear in the context of Katarzyna Zygadlewicz's paintings, which, like the exceptional sculptures by Tomek Górnicki, complement these interiors.